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March 30, 2007

When we were first told that we would be going on trips with Dan, I was quite intimidated. What if he asks me those eccentric questions he is known for? What if I don’t know how to respond to any of them? What if I completely fail the “who can find the stuff on the blackberry quicker” test? What if I am asked to speak in one of these prestigious meetings and I completely freeze? What if Dan wonders how Rena Willis got in HIS program? “What if?” I wondered.

Every time it was mentioned that one of us would be chosen to go on a trip with Dan, I was always eager to be chosen. But even more so, I was extremely relieved not to be that chosen person. When students arrived back and gave their presentations to our class, I always envisioned myself on the trip. “What if I was the one stuck for several hours in a car traveling at 100 mph while participating in role playing and being asked those off the wall questions Dan asks?” That would be even more stressful than the classroom.

“I dodged the bullet again,” I initially thought when Dan mentioned that Harry was going on a trip with him later that day. Except, when I heard where they were going and why, I had to go. That is that, I absolutely had to go also. “I am going to march right up to Dan and tell him I have to come, too,” I thought. In reality, it didn’t work quite like that. But, I did take an initiative and ask to go also. In the end, I was unfortunately not able to go, but this time there was no sense of relief.

Instead, I was really bummed. I didn’t care that I had a horrible cold, an awful migraine, and was physically drained. I really wanted to be there. I didn’t care if I was clueless when he asked me questions. I would respond with, “no idea, but I can’t wait to learn.” It no longer mattered if I had the right responses. And I would ARP his questions immediately anyhow, because I had tons of questions circling my mind and we hadn’t even left yet. I wanted to be there. I wanted to hear more about this unbelievable opportunity. I was eager to hear about the unbelievably low numbers and prices, meet the people, hear about the deal, and absolutely everything else. And most importantly, I wanted to watch this brilliant and successful man work his magic. I was filled with passion.

This reminded me why I was sitting in the classroom that day. Dan doesn’t expect us to be geniuses, nor does he require us to be perfect. He created Bizdom U for entrepreneurs with the dream, desire, and passion to learn and execute at top level. Bizdom U will provide us with the knowledge and experience that Dan is offering us on these trips.

If my trip with Dan fails miserably, my drive, desire, and passion will make the next one that much better. I will get right back up and try it again. On the second trip I will put forth intense effort, doing everything in my power to ensure that the second trip doesn’t replicate the first in any way, shape, or form.

Bizdom U is intended to provide us with knowledge and real life experience and open our eyes to such an array of things. And that is exactly what it has done.