Canine To Five


Liz Blondy says starting Canine To Five was the best thing that she has ever done. She didn’t enjoy working for someone else and she didn’t feel that she had enough self discipline to work from home. She began visiting doggy day cares, researching the industry, volunteering, and she even researched everything to know about dogs. Since she didn’t have the initial investment for a franchise and didn’t want to have marketing guidelines and facility layouts to follow, she created Canine To Five.

One of the most difficult things Blondy has had to deal with was employees. Her one regret is not having become more familar with employment law. “With employees you must cover your butt every step of the way,” she says. Blondy has even began having her employees sign non-compete clauses. However, while surviving many difficulties, Blondy has managed to grow her business to over 10 employees.

Another thing she has learned along the way is that you don’t have to take every opportunity. Although they may all seem appealing and increase revenue, you must stay focused. Decide what will be most profitable and what will coincide with your core business. It’s much more important to have one or two strong, main revenue streams that are clear to the customer than to dilute your business with many weak ones. One mustn’t lose focus.



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