The Purrfect Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs view the unmet needs of consumers as opportunities, not problems. And that is the reason why Robert Mazur has been awarded an immense amount of recognition and grants recently. Mazur noticed that his grandmother was having difficulty opening her medication bottles, so he began searching for a solution. And that is how the Purrfect Opener was created. Mazur took advantage of his background in engineering and many other resources including local colleges. He soon created designs, met with consultants, created rough prototypes, and surveyed consumers. He also attended trade shows and talked to many people in the industry. In addition, he took plenty of safeguards with a patent and trademark. And with much dedication and the help of his brother, he introduced The Purrfect Opener in 2005.

Now in order for Mazur to meet his expectation of becoming a leader of “Healthcare Brands for Independent Living,” he needs to focus on getting his product in front of the people who want it. Mazur advices being the leader in whatever it is that you do. He says it will in turn motivate you and give you the edge needed. “Even if it’s for your product in a 30 mile radius, always try to be number one,” he says. “Always keep moving and improving and you will meet your goal.” Mazur is currently building distribution channels through Meijer and QVC, and hopefully with his passion and dedication to learn and grow, he will soon be the leader.



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