No Need To Re-Invent The Wheel

Lisa Toenniges is a classic example of how you don’t have to recreate the wheel. Toenniges is the CEO of Innovative Learning Group, a company that provides custom training to large companies. Toenniges took an existing company that had just sunk, and helped it to resurface. She brought to the table her passion, dedication, and expertise in the field. She applied her past leadership experience from high school teams. Toenniges turned the company around in a matter of months. Within 2 months, the company was profitable. She expects that Innovative Learning Group will be a $3 million company by the end of the year. But most importantly, her vision for the company is to grow steadily and profitably.

Lisa Toenniges realized that the secret is that people really want that personal touch. So she does everything she can to provide her customers with that. She understands her customers’ fiscal year, finds out what they foresee coming, and understands how they are budgeting. She uses this information to get in on their planning process. She attempts to foresee their next set of needs. She is always ahead of the game. She takes her customers to lunch and out for drinks, hosts picnics, and stays in touch through friendly emails. She even “gumps” the company language, making what they do for their customers particularly easy for them to understand. Customers say that working with Innovative Learning Group is like working with their friends.


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